Welcome to markrwatson.net, the digital me, at least my blog to help you discover some of the things I think that matter, and maybe you will too. Get to know me a little, and maybe learn something. If you enjoy my content, I did hang out my shingle, and always appreciate contributors.


One thing you should know, I now post here first. I share my content on certain social media but I eschew #LegacySocials like Tracebook“, and I have been Suspended from Twitter (Who Hasn’t?, Am I Right?) so I am in the Free Speech Zone of these here interwebs.

Now for the technical mumbo-jumbo… If you want to comment on my posts, be sure you have the Dissenter plug-in, in your browser. Oh-wait- According to Alphabet’s Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, YOU (and everyone) are NOT ALLOWED to install the Dissenter Plugin! If you do not appreciate being told what you can and can’t do with your own computer, and what apps you can and can’t have, then, well, join the dark side, and go to Dissenter.com as I did, to get the Dissenter Browser, and Extensions. The usual Disqus, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and similar comment threads do not support free speech, and sometimes sites do not allow comments at all. I will post comment thread links and embeds when available.